TKF Co., Ltd. customers who send in a thank you for your support.  

TKF Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, Management know-how of various business and industrial pipe fittings production of components, based on technology that is diversified, "Marine", "nuclear" part to changes in the market are actively trying to cope.  

In addition, tubes, fittings, flanges, high quality of the products to keep pace with changes based on priority management is taking the lead in a diversified market.  

T.K.F. Co., Ltd on the basis of the fitting parts, Depending on the type of material Steel Flange, SUS Flange are classified as, Depending on the shape Square Flange, LSA Flange, SAE Flange, Long Welding neck, etc. Product diversification of business areas is in progress.  

Customer’s future is company future. We will do our best for your project. Also Based on the transparent business policy we will become the most reliable partner by keeping the promise with Customers. 

President   Han Sangbong